How Nixon Navigates Stakeholder Waters

  Simon Nixon, of Aqueduct, is a gentle genius. In this video he takes 5 minutes to tell a story about how he managed a key stakeholder who had a budget but was too far removed from his client base to know the best way to use it.  As a senior project manager, Simon did the uncomfortable stuff and asked the hard questions. He ended up a real winner. It's fun to listen to him tell the story. I hope you enjoy it. But, in case you don't have 5 minutes to take it all in, here are his key … [Read More...]


How Did An International Project Team Expose Corruption?

In April of 2013 the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published the results of their exploration of the secretive world of offshore companies and trusts. This project team of 86 journalists worked together to expose correction and fraud. It's an amazing story of what a good team can do, even with shaky stakeholders. About the Team The report itself is valuable, but for project managers the team has an inspiring story to tell. Many of us are given a project fraught … [Read More...]


News on the New PMBOK 5th Edition

These are best of breed articles identifying key changes in the 5th edition of the PMBOK that will be included in the new PMP tests that begin this summer. PMBOK 5th Edition: What's New Guide, New PMP Exam - iZenBridge This is a great overview of the changes in the PMBOK. It helps identify what to look for in the new edition. The PMBOK 5th edition: what the changes mean to you…watch our ... In preparation for the change from PMI's … [Read More...]

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Keys in Project Management

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Telecommuting Team Trust

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Stories That Tell

Little Boy Blue

Strong sheep keep cows from the corn

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Telework Has Its Advantages

Sometimes the right answer is 'Select and Move Forward"

Are you SMART Enough to Telecommute

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